Serenity at home

As a replacement for the Hotel La Demeure du Parc, the new 4-star Hôtel de Cavoye unfurls between the city and green spaces. Renovated while still respecting its unique personality, the Hôtel de Cavoye, near the Chateau de Fontainebleau, benefits from the town’s historic and artistic vitality as well as the acres of parks and gardens right by its entrance. This privileged location makes it an exceptional place to take one’s time and enjoy culture, nature and a soothing calm.

A neighbor of the iconic Chateau de Fontainebleau, the Hôtel de Cavoye may have opted for a contemporary atmosphere, yet it too is steeped in history… and the arts. In the 17th century, this was the home of the Marquis Louis Dauger de Cavoye, Louis XIV’s Grand Maréchal des Logis (Grand Marshal of Lodgings) and a patron of artists and writers. It was here, in one of the pavilions - now occupied by the hotel's suites - that Racine, at the time better known as a poet than a playwright, often sought inspiration.

From an illustrious history to modern-day pleasures: once you’ve passed through its centuries-old doorway, the Hôtel de Cavoye is made up of three updated, refined pavilions that surround a vast courtyard-garden generously landscaped with trees, flowers and aromatic plants. Harmony and well-being are essential here. From the rooms, suites and intimate terraces to the Gina restaurant with its authentic flavors and the quietly modern convivial spaces, life unfolds with a simple, fluid elegance.

For an impromptu getaway, a weekend away from the bustling world, green tourism, cultural discoveries in nature in the springtime or simply snuggling up on chilly winter days... Any reason, any season is a good excuse to stay at Hôtel de Cavoye. And especially the desire for a relaxed stay in an inviting atmosphere. In the spirit of a fine family home, personalized attention is lavished on every stay thanks to a team that is as respectful of its guests' comfort as it is attentive to inspiring them.

Rooms & Suites

Light, calm and voluptuousness

The Hôtel de Cavoye's 27 rooms, including 6 suites, all have the elegance that will give free rein to the personality of each guest: opaline tones that range from forest green to sky blue, clear lines and blond wood… everything evokes a simple luxury. 

Everywhere, the serene, pared-down harmony offers a lovely, privileged window onto well-being.













A taste for the real thing

This Mediterranean restaurant in Fontainebleau offers gourmet pleasures and welcoming smiles: Gina's hushed ambience has a charming, cheerful style. Menu with the spirit of the South and flavours updated by Chef Robin Sanchez. A bright terrace, sheltered from view yet in the open air. A brazier that brings people together to reconnect with authentic outdoor sharing. A chic bar that offers both signature cocktails and old-fashioned elixirs and lets you either sip a drink under filtered lighting or revel in a festive garden aperitif.


A renewed conviviality

Next to the Parc de Fontainebleau, Gina's Mediterranean restaurant and cocktail bar brings together different choice spaces for any season: Chef Robin Sanchez's menu is regularly updated and always inspired by noble products that have been selected with passion.



Privatization & special events

A sense of expertise

The Hôtel de Cavoye welcomes all its guests with the same attention to detail: for friendly get-togethers, weddings, celebrations and seminars, the Pavillon Maréchal, terrace and Gina restaurant can all be privatized for a custom-made offer. 

An unspoilt island in the center of Fontainebleau with separate areas for meetings or get-togethers, everything at the Hôtel de Cavoye is designed to make groups and close friends feel right at home.

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A sense of good manners

Because the Hôtel de Cavoye feels like a private home, cordiality and attentiveness are offered around the clock.

The gourmet breakfast is a privileged moment, a calm time for a wonderful meal and a not-to-be-missed taste experience. 

Relaxing, beneficial treatments and massages, a perfect moment to “switch off”, are available in your room by appointment. 

The concierge service is available to satisfy your every desire for an unforgettable interlude from a private tour of the Chateau de Fontainebleau to memorable, off-the-beaten-track surprises.

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Offers & Packages

The best benefits

Whether you wish to escape to the Hôtel de Cavoye, the Gina restaurant, or both, booking through our website is always a good thing... for the best. You'll get the most attractive rates, and special privileges like nowhere else.

Agile & Clever

Because your holiday plans may change, here is an offer that lets you cancel with complete flexibility up to the day before your arrival.


Choose the perfect moment: reserve the right to change the date up to the day before your arrival, and opt for a gourmet moment with breakfast at the Gina restaurant.

Gift vouchers

Wonderful ideas and benefits

An elegant offer: Hôtel de Cavoye and the Gina restaurant will both get in on the act. 
With gift vouchers in various budget ranges, this is the opportunity to prepare - quickly and well - an exceptional surprise.



Location & Access

The Hôtel de Cavoye, between culture and nature in Fontainebleau

As an essential part of Fontainebleau, Hôtel de Cavoye epitomizes the town’s spirit.
As a historic city thanks to its listed, World Heritage Site chateau, Fontainebleau is also a vibrant town full of artists and dynamic cultural events. On Rue Avon, by the entrance to the Domaine Royal, Hôtel de Cavoye has an ideal location in Fontainebleau, within easy walking distance of the entire area. You can experience its authentic, lively streets, visit the sumptuous 1500-room monument or, of course, opt for a green immersion in the heart of one of France's most beautiful forests, known worldwide for having inspired 19th century Impressionist painters. With its almost 62,000 acres that are criss-crossed by hundreds of kilometers of marked trails, this national forest is an unspoilt, extremely inspiring marvel of flora and fauna!

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